In the aesthetically pleasing space between interior design and property styling, that’s where you’ll find The Hired Home.

Founded in 2014 by Melissa Rice, you might say The Hired Home began, well, at home!

Influenced by her mother Julie’s love for home renovations and keen eye for interiors, Melissa embarked on a successful 14 year career in real estate before deciding that design is where her heart is. With Julie’s help, she launched The Hired Home to industry acclaim.

Now, The Hired Home isn’t just creating a look; we’re illustrating a lifestyle! Blending timeless taste with on-trend design, we believe “safe” is a four letter word. So, we’re daring to be different.


We’ve moved away from the safe styling ethos you’d expect to find elsewhere, and toward emerging designers, artists and Australia business who help reflect your unique living space.

Though The Hired Home continues to grow, we’re big on keeping things small. Being a boutique styling agency has its advantages! We spend time developing a one-of-a-kind concept for each property—with careful consideration for how it will advertise digitally— while avoiding market over-saturation with the same stock and style. Boring is for corporate conference rooms. You deserve better than that (and so does your home!).

Working with specific agents in each area ensures that our styling aesthetic is exclusive to them; it also spotlights their clients’ homes as distinct from the rest. Non-conformity is so much more interesting, don’t you think?

Aspirational yet approachable: Our designs ensure your home stands out while inviting potential buyers in. Let us showcase where they can dine with family and friends; allow us to tempt them into reading the paper in that warm swath of sunshine. Our hands-on, value-adding approach increases market appeal, making your home more desirable (and that means more saleable). Give us the go-ahead; we’ll give each space a chance to shine.

Welcome, home. We’re so glad you’re here.